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   Basic Lab Safety


Nobody needs to tell you how important your job at a hospital laboratory is. The work you do directly affects the welfare of the patients in the hospital. You're careful with your work. You realize that a mix-up could cause a great deal of harm to those patients. But your health and welfare are also on the line. Because you work in an environment containing a number of hazards, it is critical that you know how to safely deal with them.

Entering a hospital lab is like going into a war zone. There are all kinds of things that can hurt employees: hazardous chemicals, infectious diseases, gases, radioactivity, and even explosives.

You must protect yourself and others against these dangers. The hospital takes great care to make the lab a safe place to work. It does this by ensuring compliance with applicable occupational safety and health regulations.

To help make your lab a safe place to work, remember the simple rules of good housekeeping. Keep the floors clean and dry to prevent falls. Keep countertops clean with no unnecessary clutter. Dispose of broken glass immediately.

Put all materials and equipment away after use. Follow safe work procedures. Use the correct protective clothing and equipment and know the proper ways to handle, store and dispose of hazardous materials. All these contribute to the safe operation of your lab.

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