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   Scaffolding and Fall Protection


Rules for pump jack scaffolding are: scaffolds need to be designed by a qualified person, and built and loaded to that design. Follow manufacturer's recommendations. Fall protection is required, beginning at 10 feet, but is recommended as soon as you get on the scaffold. Use an adequate, firm foundation. Brace the top and bottom, and where else required. There should be no more than two workers on the scaffold. Use a dedicated, safe access. Be sure that scaffold components are not overloaded. Ensure that the planks and workbench are secured.

If wood pole scaffolding is used, the rules for wood pole pump jack scaffolding are: the wood poles must be straight grained, and free from large or loose knots, or other defects that could impair the strength. Poles should be braced to structure every 10 feet vertically. When splices are used to make a pole, mending plates must be installed at all splices. If you're using anything other than manufactured planks, refer to the construction safety standards for allowable spans for scaffold planks. Be sure pump jack brackets are designed for use with wood poles. Be sure to follow manufacturer's recommendations. One of the options, if anchors are not provided, is to use guard rails, or an approved net.

Rules for ladder jack scaffolding are: platforms should be in good condition, and at least 12 inches wide. The platform height is not to exceed 20 feet. Secure ladders at the top and bottom. Fall protection is required at 10 feet. Be sure not to overload the scaffold. It is recommended that only one person is allowed for each eight feet of platform span. Follow manufacturer's recommendations.

Your choice of fall protection equipment is extensive, and available from a variety of sources. Whatever equipment you use, always refer to the manufacturer's instructions for installation and proper use.

Make sure to clean up the site before leaving. Inspect all the fall protection gear for any damage, and store it in a protected container.

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